These are the in game rules! For the Discord rules please refer to the appropriate channel there.


Be nice!

Disrespecting members, discrimination against any group, and bullying isn’t allowed.

Don't advertise!

Advertising other Minecraft servers, social media or websites isn’t allowed without prior approval. Make a ticket on Discord if you would like to do this!

No drama!

Please, keep your drama out of this server! We are strict about this. Joking is fine, but use common sense!

Keep chat PG!

Please don't swear (heck, dang, etc allowed) and don't talk about anything inappropriate!

Don't spam!

This should be pretty self explanatory. We aren't too strict about this, but whether or not you will be punished if you do spam is up to the moderators in game.

English only!

Most staff here can only understand English - please refrain from speaking other languages!

Doxxing isn't allowed!

Don't leak other's personal information. This includes but is not limited to real names, addresses, phone numbers, and IP addresses. Threatening to do this will also result in punishment.


No cheating!

As you may have guessed, cheating isn't allowed on this server. This includes but is not limited to:
Using modified clients BESIDES Optifine and Badlion Client (to request other exemptions, please contact, duping items, scamming players and abusing staff positions.

Finally, use common sense!

If you think something is wrong, don't do it! Use a bit of common sense and just try to be a good person! ^-^

Staff discretion applies to all rules - if you believe someone has punished you unfairly, please contact using the following format:

In-game username:
Discord username (if applicable):
When you got punished (eg 4/20/2020):Why you believe your punishment should be revoked: